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We're changing the way the world works.

STEM Type™ goes beyond Career Investigation by answering the three critical questions people have in pursuing a career:

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What's the best career for me?
Navigator lets you search through hundreds of occupational profiles to find the right fit for you.
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How do I qualify?
Pathways is a job board like no other. Every Pathway is a verified program that includes all the training you may need with a job on the other side.
Who will hire me?
Pipelines is our new Beta! We're enrolling companies schools and candidits now. Pipelines uses blockain technology to revolutionize the entire education and hiring process.

So, How Does STEM Type™ Work?

We translate your interests into job requirements
STEM Type™ helps you explore hundreds of career and education options. As you do so, we compile a list of the types of tools, technology, knowledge and activities you'll need to master in related careers. You choose and rate, and our powerful technology handles the rest.

No more guessing.

We create a bridge between educators and employers
STEM Type™ translates your present and past experiences to future opportunities. And our annonymous and secure STEM Type™ network helps you navigate through the right education choices to land in a career that you'll love.

No more hassels.

We connect what you love to great careers
STEM Type™ doesn't just list jobs. We require employers and educators to collaborate in creating career "Pathways" and then connect your verified skills and interests to best-fit opportunities. No more guessing what you need to do to qualify. Complete a STEM Type™ Pathway to start your career.

No more job boards.

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STEM Ready™ brings students, teachers, parents and employers together to reshape the future of work.

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Every Occupation, Major and Pathway in our system is linked to one of 8 STEM Types™. Find your type and start exploring today!

Let's change the way the world works.

Deciding on a career doesn't have to be as hard as it is. At STEM Type, using our advanced technology to create a bridge between students, parents, educators and employers, and connect what you love to great careers.